Thursday, September 15, 2011

128 Anak Dilacurkan di Pontianak

Tangerang regency Reskrim invisible Polrestro Shinto Silitonga commissioner said that because trauma victims feel has been tainted by S (40), perpetrators of rape is the owner of a restaurant place to work. Sacrifice 15-year-old was depressed due to forced sexual body.

"He was traumatized because no element of coercion there," said Shinto when contacted by reporters, Tuesday (09/13/2011).

Shinto says, the policy is currently searching for victims of close relationship with the perpetrator. However, Shinto is narrated that the sacrifice of the new officers belonging to RM Bambu Kuning S. "He had been in the date 3 September yesterday. So this incident makes clear shock," said Shinto.

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