Tuesday, June 7, 2011


These two brothers make such a good match: Both are incredibly ripped, very handsome, and extremely funny. No wonder that Marcel and Yinay, who get along swimmingly, are so popular. There have been many requests to VistaVideo to gather the best clips with the brothers from the archives. Now for the first time these clips are collected all together in one group in one place, they are remastered in flash so they will load faster for viewing on the site, and they include .mov versions which may be downloaded to keep. There are a total of 18 clips running more than 22 minutes in the VistaVideo Member Zone. In these clips Marcel and Yinay flex, compare muscles, arm wrestle, work out together in the gym, pump up, measure their arms, and kid a lot. Best muscle entertainment! The screen captures show some of the many highlights:

You find the 18 clips with Marcel and Yinay in the VistaVideo Member Zone.

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