Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexy Model Girls and Cute Idols, Ebihara Yuri's hot fashion

Ebihara Yuri, Ebi-Chan, Sexy Japanese Model
Ebihara Yuri, also known as Ebi-Chan is a 26 years old from Miyazaki Japan, is probably one of the most popular and famous models in japan right now. She is a TV model for Shiseido cosmetics, McDonalds and FujiFilm FinePix cameras and a regular print model for popular woman’s magazine CanCam.

Ebihara is universally known by her nickname Ebi-chan, which is based on the first character of her family name. Ebi means “shrimp” and has been used by Mcdonals Japan to promote their fried shrimp burger. Her print posters are well known for being taken as soon as they are put up. She is popular with both men (for obvious reasons) and women (because she has become a fashion icon)

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