Monday, July 11, 2011

Japanese Sexy and hot actress, model, Nozomi Sasaki's photos

Nozomi Sasaki (ささき のぞみ ,Sasaki Nozomi, born February 19, 1983) is a female Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa, Japan. Her real name is written "佐々木望" and is pronounced the same. A fairy face properly describes Nozomi Sasaki in WPB No. 15. Rose petals and Nozomi in a tub is so inviting!
Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希 | Birthday: 1988.2.8 | Hometown: Kurashiki City, Okayama pref. | Blood type: AB | Nozomi Sasaki 佐々木希 ささきのぞみ is a pretty 20 year Japanese fashion model and gravure idol from Akita prefecture. Nozomi-chan started as a teen model when she won two modeling competitions Young Jump’s GYARUKON Grand Prix 2005 and Princess Pinky Grand Prix 2006. She has been featured many times as fashion model for Pinky magazine though she has also been featured Young Jump, Up To Boy, Weekly Playboy, Sabra, Bidan and some fashion catalogs . |
She has also appeared in several TV commercials for CHERICHE perfume, POLA cosmetics, Sokenbicha Tea 爽健美茶 (Coca Cola), NTT Do Co Mo, Sony Internet SO-Net and Kate Ruber jewellery, a music video for Jpop group Aqua Timez and besides wanting to be a successful model, her future plan is to have an acting or TV career. She co hosts TVMX’s Entertainment Audition show Garimpeiro ガリンペイロeX and Wowwow’s UEFA Euro 2008 soccer coverage.

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