Friday, June 10, 2011

Shot in the arm ( Christmas Angels)

Hey, d'you need a shot in the arm to see you through to the weekend?....I sure do!!
Having sorted out those last minute pressies, today I turned my attention to the serious business of getting the food...and of course the liquid refreshment requirement organised and have returned this afternoon, as my friend Don would say, with a credit card all limp and gasping for breath on my kitchen table.
"No ploblem" as the boys here say, Christmas is a time for sharing and we intend to have a great one :>}
Today we give you some angels who we hope will help you relax and bring you good cheer rather than our usual "shot in the arm" treatment.
One more blog to come before Christmas so we will send our season's greetings with that one.
For now enjoy the "angels" I reckon not too many would meet St. Peter's requirements for that poition!

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